The 11 things to do while being on Ireland (the island)

These are the 11 things I feel are nice to see and experience while visiting Ireland. These places are mostly located in Dublin and Belfast, but some might be more in the coast also. I visited all of these places while I was travelling, so it is all my recommendations. Some of the things are free and some are bit more expensive things to do.


1 Formal Gardens of RKH


This garden is located in the side of the old Royal Hospital which is now a Modern Art Museum. The garden is a copy of the Versailles garden in Paris. Garden is a good place to calm down and enjoy beautiful surroundings and flowers. This is located close to Guinness Storehouse and Kilmainham Gaol.


Address: Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland


2 Guinness Storehouse


Guinness Storehouse is a perfect place for a beer lover, but it is also a suitable for people who are not so found by beer. Storehouse is full of things to see and do, like beer tasting, pouring your own beer or to watch old commercials. In the top floor there is a view bar, where you can enjoy beautiful views over the city.


Address: St James’s Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland


3 Look up!


Dublin and Belfast are both full of charming and beautiful old buildings. Old buildings usually have textured sealing with art and windows. I recommend looking up so you can enjoy these pieces of art!


4 Eat!


Do not be hungry, so eat! Ireland is full of small and bit bigger pubs which offer good food and delicious drinks. And do not forget desserts! Especially carrot cake in Guinness Storehouse is super delicious.


5 Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden in Belfast is in the Queens University. It is full of beautiful plants and flowers. Good place to get warm from the cold outside air. Perfect place to take a last minute trip to summer, or at least kinda like it.


Address: College Park, Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1LP, Great Britain


6 Drink a pint


You just can’t leave Ireland without drinking a pint. No need to drink it fully, but Ireland is one of the most famous beer places, so it is good to give them a try.


7 Walk around


Best places are usually found by a mistake. I recommend to just to walk around the cities, without heading anywhere. You can always ask directions from locals so you wont get too lost. But walking is the best way to explore city!


8 Visit universities


Dublin and Belfast are both old cities, and that is possible to see by visiting local universities. Old universities has been on their places for long time, and they happen to have the most beautiful buildings.


9 Enjoy art


The art is all around the city. It can be in the light post or litter box or it can be its regular way – statues. To see all the beauty and the art around you, you just need to keep eyes open. It is free so it does suit for everybody. Just remember to put good shoes on!


10 Take a buss to another city


Take a bus or a train and travel to a city close by. It is a good way to see other places, countryside and to experience transportation at the destination. For example from Dublin to Belfast, the ride is only few hours and you see most amazing views on the way while travelling. Tickets are not that expensive either.


11 Visit the coast


Or if you do not want to go for a long time into a different city, but want to see and experience the countryside take a bus tour to the coast. On the trip it is possible to see animals, local small villages and beautiful views. This kind of trips also makes people bond, so you might find few new friends also during the trip!


Here they were, my 11 best things to do in Ireland. This is not everything to do, but what I had time to experience, these were my favorites. Do you have some good tips to Ireland, or is one of your favorites on this list?


– Lotta Syvänen

3 thoughts on “The 11 things to do while being on Ireland (the island)

  1. This is a very nice idea to show your favorites in a list like that. It´s like a little guidebook and maybe it will help other people when they travel to Ireland. Our favorite was definitely the coast and the Giant´s Causeway. – Laura, Katrin and Sandra


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